Square Plates


                                         Black, White and Red

                                              Black and Red

                                             Amber with Black Stripes


                                                 Awning Curve

                                         Italian Garden Red Curve

                                     Italian Garden Blue Curve                 

                                          Italian Garden Green

                                                    Green Frit

                                                 Blue Line

Green Line

                                                   Dot Party

                                             Crocus Garden

                                       Lines, Dots and Triangles

                                                       Blue and Silvery


                                                Arrow Head

                                            Bubbles Rising

                                                    Aqua stripes


                                              Green and Pink

                                    Blue and Green Curved dish

                                     Coasters or votive candle holder
                                             Red Dot Path

                                               Four Corners qua

                                                  Madi Gras
                                                 Santa Fe

                                             Four corners Periwinkle