Friday, August 28, 2009

Black Cat, Bending Glass & Jelly Fish

Halloween decorations are in all the craft stores so I needed a little something since it is one of my favorite holidays. This little kitty got adopted the first time he left the house by my good friend at our show last weekend.
Can you bend glass - absolutely!! Nancy made this windchime - the chimes are blue and I haven't got a picture of it with the chimes attached yet. This is from the girl who refused to cut glass when we started out so she would not get cut - now look at the intricate things she does.
Pretty new earrings - I know the background (my old piano stool) is not so pretty but I really love the play of light. My little studio has two walls of windows, one side is open and the other has a short wall (just over a metre) with a door to the garage.

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